Sourdough bread: a healthy mix

Bread a ‘health food’? Ours is!

We recently stumbled across a gem of an article written by a talented Barbara Griggs for The Guardian. The article isn’t new, it was posted in 2014, but its relevance rings true today. The article, titled The rise and rise of sourdough bread, explains the transformation of the bread production process throughout the 20th century. If you read the article you will understand why we at Irrewarra say the only bread you should eat is sourdough! And even more importantly, the only bread you should feed your children is sourdough.

There’s a very good reason sourdough isn’t the same price as buying bread from the supermarket aisle – it’s made using an age-old process that honours the natural ingredients and allows them to bind together in a natural process! Some household brand names of bread produce their products in an entirely opposite fashion.

Here’s the key part you need to know for your health and the health of your children: The sourdough process dismantles the toxins in gluten, a process the human body cannot do.

Put simply: Sourdough bread encourages gut health, rather than harming it. Did you know gut health is linked to all kinds of things? Poor gut health can go as far as impacting on your mental health.

So yes, we might be biased, but sourdough bread really is a worthy investment for your health now and in the future.

Read the full article as written by Barbara Griggs and posted on The Guardian website: The rise and rise of sourdough bread