Are all your ingredients Australian?

Wherever possible we use high-quality Australian-grown ingredients. All of our sourdough breads are made with 100% Australian ingredients.

There are some ingredients that cannot be sourced locally, such as the coconut we use in our biscuits and granolas. Some of the ingredients in our seasonal range are sourced internationally to honour quality, taste and tradition – such as the French brandy in our mince tarts, or the Italian mixed peel in our hot cross buns.

Where can I find your products?

Please check our stockist list to find a store near you.

I would like my local store to stock your products. What can I do?

Thank you for asking! Please ask your local store owner to contact us via grocerysales@irrewarra.com.au

Can I buy online? Do you deliver?

Our granola, biscuits and hampers are available to order online through our website. We deliver to most addresses across Australia, except WA, NT and remote locations.

While we do not delivery our sourdough bread directly to customers, some Victorian bread retailers do offer online delivery, such as Your Grocer.

Do you deliver sourdough/hot cross buns/Christmas loaf outside of Victoria?

Currently, our fresh bread is only available in Victoria.

Is Irrewarra sourdough bread GMO-free?

Yes. Our flours and breads are GMO-free.

Is Irrewarra sourdough bread gluten-free?

All of our authentic sourdough breads contain gluten. We currently do not have any gluten-free breads in our range.

Does Irrewarra sourdough bread have folic acid/folate added?

Loaves that use unbleached white wheat flour contain added folate. This includes our White Sandwich Loaf, Casalinga, Ciabatta and Baguettes. Loaves that use organic stoneground wholewheat flour do not have added folate. This includes our Organic Stoneground Wholewheat Loaf.

Can I visit the bakery?

At the moment our bakery is not open to the public. However, we do have future plans for an on-site visitor experience. Watch this space!

I have a connection with Irrewarra or the Calvert family – can I send you some pictures or family memories?

Yes, we would love to see them! Please email info@irrewarra.com.au.