Choose sourdough bread over gluten-free options for better health

Over recent years, gluten has been the whipping boy of the health industry, with many people choosing a gluten free diet for the apparent health benefits. However, a recent study from the United States’ Harvard University shows that a non-medical gluten-free diet could be linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Gluten-free foods often contain artificial and unnatural ingredients, including gums, and lack dietary fibre and other micronutrients essential for a healthy diet. And you don’t hear people bragging about the flavour!

The sourdough process we use actually breaks down gluten, making our bread not only lower in gluten content, but also easier to digest than many of our commercial competitors products.

Our low-GI sourdough bread is made from totally natural fermented dough and packed with nutritious goodness.

The 30-year study of more than 200 000 participants found those who ate more gluten had a 13 per cent lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes, compared with those who ate less gluten. It raises the important question of why people are choosing to cut out gluten when there are no clear negative health impacts for most people.

We love bread, and we love sharing our passion for delicious, healthy artisan sourdough. And this latest research helps spread our message that bread isn’t bad for you – in fact, quite the opposite.

But don’t just take our word for it – try our natural sourdough for yourself and taste the difference.

Read the full article as posted on Friday March 10 via the ABC News website: Gluten-free diet could be linked to type 2 diabetes risk, study suggests.