Traditional sourdough to help quell gluten sensitivity epidemic

When was the last time you enjoyed bread?

At Irrewarra we place emphasis on quality, natural ingredients. With the proliferation of GMOs, mass and commercially produced ingredients, preservatives, synthetic additives and more, it’s little wonder so many people are finding bread doesn’t agree with them!

We don’t agree with calling a product which has been genetically modified to within an inch of its suspiciously-long-shelf-life ‘bread’.

We’ve previously written about the benefits of sourdough: The sourdough process dismantles the toxins in gluten, a process the human body cannot do.

A recent article by Olga Oksman posted on March 24, via The Guardian website and titled ‘Could sourdough bread be the answer to the gluten sensitivity epidemic?’ explains the details of a small study undertaken in Italy in 2011. The subjects of the study were coeliac sufferers and were each given a sample of carefully crafted sourdough bread. They reacted well!

It appeared the fermentation process which dismantles the toxins in gluten made the bread tolerable by coeliac sufferers.

While we are not urging people diagnosed with coeliac to rush out and indulge in a loaf of sourdough – there is certainly a case to suggest traditionally prepared sourdough bread is not necessarily harmful for people with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Who would have thought bread could help quell an epidemic of gluten sensitivity? We have faith!

If you suffer from non-coeliac gluten sensitivity or simply find that ‘normal’ bread doesn’t agree with you, we urge you try our all-natural sourdough.