Cutting wholegrain bread and cereals from your diet is not healthy

A new study has shown that low carbohydrate diets are an ‘extremely dangerous’ way to lose weight. According to the study, “it increases your chance of premature death by one third.” It has been found according to University of Canberra nutritionist, Professor Peter Williams that “these diets increase risk of heart disease.” Professor Williams has stated that “There’s been a study just published two months ago that looked at all of the studies that have followed people for a long time on low carb diets, and they found the likelihood of dying early as 30 per cent on those on the lowest carb diets”. Professor Williams suggests “the recommendations coming out of dietary guidelines are still the ones we should be going for, wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables, they’re the basis of healthy foods.”

For people watching their weight we recommend our Wholewheat Sesame Loaf and Breakfast Seed Loaf eaten in moderation with a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables. We also recommend our granola lightly sprinkled on natural yoghurt with fresh fruit.