A brand new look for Irrewarra Biscuits

Get your mug of English Breakfast ready – Irrewarra Biscuits now have a brand new look!

Our biscuits are now housed in a beautiful semi-enclosed box, making them the perfect gift for family and friends. Each packet is still adorned with the iconic artwork by local lino-cut artist Lynette Weir, depicting a different native flower for each variety of biscuit.

Not only is each box stunning to look at, our new packaging was designed to keep its delicate contents safer, ensuring biscuits are better protected in transit on their way to you or your local retailer! The packaging is also now recyclable; the box can be placed in your cardboard recycling and the bag is suitable for return to store recycling or local programs.

Scroll on to see our all new designs.

Anzac Biscuits

Irrewarra Anzac Biscuits

Made from fresh local butter, Australian rolled oats, golden syrup and more quality ingredients, Irrewarra Anzac Biscuits are free from preservatives and additives. Our biscuits are hand-baked weekly to a tried-and-true recipe, which is actually based on a recipe from the grandmother of Irrewarra founder Bronwynne Calvert!

We’re also proud to say that Irrewarra Anzac Biscuits were recently named Best Store-Bought Anzac Biscuits by The Guardian Australia.

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Macadamia Oat Biscuits

Irrewarra Macadamia Oat Biscuits

Irrewarra Macadamia Oat Biscuits are a nutty take on our beloved Anzac biscuit, with the addition of Australia’s only indigenous nut, the macadamia.

Macadamias are naturally high in healthy fats and proteins, are low GI and packed with vitamins. We love them for their health-giving properties – but even more for the melt-in-your-mouth taste they add to our biscuits.

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Chocolate Oat Biscuits

Irrewarra Chocolate Oat Biscuits

A new take on the classic Anzac.

Our Chocolate Oat biscuits take the super crunchy, delicious Anzac biscuit you love and dip it into a layer of luscious Australian dark chocolate. This makes them a great sweet (but not too sweet) treat for the whole family – fantastic enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee, or even a glass of cold milk!

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It’s been over a decade since we first started hand-crafting these biscuits at our bakery in Colac, Victoria. Since then – with your generous support for our biscuits, granola and sourdough – we have expanded to open a second contemporary bakery on-site, and are now able to share Irrewarra products with more customers across Australia than ever!

Irrewarra Anzac Biscuits on a plate.
Irrewarra biscuits are hand-crafted, based on a tried-and-true recipe from Bronwynne Calvert’s grandmother.

Irrewarra Biscuits are available in Anzac, Chocolate Oat and Macadamia Oat varieties – order yours online, head to your local fine food store, IGA, Coles Local or Woolworths, or find your nearest retailer by clicking here.